By Melody Manning a  month ago

The cover fit nicely and the colors in the printing were outstanding!

 By William Large 3 months ago

Perfect fit on my iPhone 6 and the print looks and feels great. The resolution of the tiny images is so crisp, I can almost read the names next to each one. The color is perfect and the texture gives you a little bit of traction instead of being slick. I wish the print wrapped around the sides, but at least the sides feel almost tacky so there's good traction. I hope it's protective enough. I'm used to an Otter Box and it has saved my phone on numerous occasions.

 By Jennifer Jacobs 5 months ago

I love the feel of the case and it is TRUELY clear, no weird yellow color or anything. The print quality is also fantastic.

By 6 months ago

I ordered a demo case with a complex design I made. I was impressed with the amount of detail on the finished case. Its also easier to hold the phone with the slight texture on the case.

By Randy Tolson 7 months ago

The feel and print quality is really good! I got mine over a month ago and the print is still looking great!

 By Devin Widmer 6 months ago

awesome quality :D

 By Jennie M Moss 8 months ago

LOVE this case. Love printful.

 By Rafi Der Sahakian 8 months ago

The case Material is actually pretty good, and the print quality is outstanding (texture and feel)

 By Sergei Shik 8 months ago

I really love it. easy to put it on the phone, as well as to take it off. The custom print was applied, and it is a great quality! My customers just love this product.

 By Totyanna Allen 9 months ago

Beautiful, colors very vibrant . I would highly recommend